Solar Powered LED Flood Light, Aluminum Smart Sensing Color Selectable with Dusk to Dawn Illumination

Introducing the Solar-Powered LED Light in a sleek black color and modern design. Made from durable aluminum, this light is not only stylish but also built to withstand various weather conditions with its water-resistant properties. The light source is an energy-efficient LED, providing bright illumination while being environmentally friendly.

One of the key features of this light is its solar-powered operation, harnessing the power of the sun for energy. This not only saves on electricity costs but also reduces the carbon footprint. With its pure digital solar power lighting engine, it can produce the equivalent of up to a 40W incandescent lamp and generate 800+ lumens of light output.

Equipped with a motion sensor, this light automatically activates to its maximum brightness when it detects any movement in dark areas, providing enhanced security and convenience. The "Dusk-to-Dawn" capability creates a unique soft glow profile that maintains a friendly neighbors' style illumination throughout the evening.

The  Solar-Powered LED Light features an upgraded Li-ion battery, which is the latest and most environmentally friendly option available. This Lithium-based battery, combined with Intelligent Power Management (IPM), ensures reliable and smart lighting performance. With the "SMART" mode, the light can provide up to 80+ hours of continuous illumination, making it suitable for extended use even during poor seasonal conditions.

Installation is a breeze with the self-contained design, allowing for easy DIY setup in just minutes. The light is designed and engineered in the USA, ensuring high-quality standards and craftsmanship. It operates within a wide temperature range from -13°F to +150°F and is weatherproofed with IP65 rating and UV protection, making it suitable for various outdoor applications.

In summary, the Solar-Powered LED Light combines modern style, energy efficiency, and advanced features such as motion sensing and long-lasting performance. It is a reliable and environmentally friendly lighting solution for general lighting, street numbers, and other outdoor lighting needs.

  • Colour:Black

  • Material:Aluminum

  • Style:Modern

  • Power source:Solar Powered

  • Special feature:Motion Sensor, Water Resistant

  • Light source type:LED

  • Shade material:Aluminum

  • Number of light sources:1